soirees pmu screen bet

Bring more fun and more business in bars

Goals: Animate event, stock new data and growth hacking.

Context wanted a solution to animate Champion’s League soccer nights and to take this opportunity to catch a maximum of client using the PMU loyalty card.


During PMU Nights, hostess with a NFC tablet go toward supporters to help them bet on the game and forecast results. All the results are shown in a big live screen in bars.

All participants can play in 1 second by scanning there own PMU loyalty NFC card.

Facebook synchronization simplify the subscription process and enable to create more virality for the event.

soirees pmu screen bet
pmu storyboard

Client video :


  • Android native mobile app
  • NFC to identify user in 1 sec. with his loyalty card
  • Facebook SDK integration
  • Live screen


Springcard // Skyboard

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