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Digitalize retail shops

The shops can use the new mobile technologies to send personalized information and to collect new customer data, even before the act of purchase.


Car dealers all face the following challenges:

  • No information concerning visitors, only information from buyers
  • No solution to contact a potential buyer
  • No way to create the buying act from home
  • Cost of documentations/books
  • Fear to discuss with a saler


All new and second hand cars were equipped with a “tag” using two technologies. NFC technologies for last Android smartphone (don’t forget we are in 2013) and QRCode for all other mobile phones.

The users were able to scan this tag to access to car’s information:

  • Media gallery (photos & video)
  • Technical information and history
  • Share the deal
  • Call to action with a free drive session

For each scan, our plateform was able to analyze and to personnalize the product informations given to the user.


  • Digitalize retails
  • Create buying will from home
  • Reduce printing cost
  • Create more selling opportunities


  • Android & iOS native mobile apps
  • C# backend & frontend
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) & QRCode


BMW // Mini // Audi // Volkswagen // Seat // Skoda

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