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Digitalize retail shops

The shops can use this new mobile technologies to send personalized information and to collect new customer data, even before the act of purchase.


All car dealers are facing the following challenges:

  • Potential customers are reticent to enter in a showroom because they don’t want to confront a salesperson.
  • For new vehicles, the catalog budget for each product is often very high.
  • For secondhand vehicles, they don’t have a quality chart to offer, and most of the visitors are “‘only looking” so it is impossible to reach them afterwards.


Tags using both NFC and Qr Code technologies has been displayed on all of the new and second-hand vehicles of the BMW and Volkswagen groups car dealers in Nice.

Visitors were invited to scan a tag in order to have access to all of the vehicles details:

  • Multimedia gallery (photos & video)
  • Technical characteristics and history of the product
  • Sharing of the vehicle information
  • Call to action with a posisbility of a free drive session

For each scan made, our platform was analyzing and adapting the content for the user.


  • Digitalize retails
  • Create buying will from home
  • Reduce printing cost
  • Create more selling opportunities


  • Android & iOS native mobile apps
  • C# backend & frontend
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) & QRCode


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