First keyless cars for carsharing

Digitalize key car for carsharing industry.


We are in 2014 and our users can now manage a vehicle renting/borrowing process, from the opening of the doors to the engine starting, directly through a mobile application. 

Thanks to the partnership between VULOG (carsharing) and VALEO (car equipment), NFCOM has provided the smartphone solution that improve and streamline the user experience regarding carsharing. 


  • Android native mobile app
  • BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy 

User experience

  1. With the geolocation, the user can locate the nearest vehicle around his position on the map and book it
  2. When the user arrives nearby the car, the vehicle can detect and identify him
  3. The user can now, open and close the doors of the car with his smartphone
  4. He can therefore start the engine. 

All of the flow is protected and based on crypted Bluetooth Low Energy technology 

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