mondial auto paris 2014

First keyless cars for carsharing

Digitalize key car for carsharing industry.

Thanks to partnership between VULOG (carsharing) and VALEO (car equipment), NFCOM has provided the smartphone solution that improve and thin the user experience in carsharing. The solution has been presented for the ITS congress at DETROIT and Mondial Paris Motor Show 2014.


We are in 2014, and now the user can proceed the whole rental process, from car localization to door opening and engine start, with a simple mobile app.

keyless valeo vulog carsharing

User experience

  1. Our user can see the car on the map
  2. When he arrives close to the car, the vehicle can detect the user smartphone and identify him
  3. He can open and close the doors with his smartphone
  4. He can start the engine too
  5. All the flow is protected and based on crypted Bluetooth Low Energy technology


Vulog // Valéo


  • Android native mobile app
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

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