Aéroports de Paris

NFC Boarding pass for Aéroports de Paris

Proof Of Concept to validate the user experience and the efficiency of the NFC technology in airports.


In 2013, the NFC technology is arriving on the market of consumer smartphones. This demonstrator, for Aéroports de Paris, aims to support decision-makers of the first airport in France in understanding of the challenges and the potential of this technology.

The project was designed in partnership with Springcard, a manufacturer of electronic cards.

Application processing

The objective is to allow the passenger to download the boarding pass on his smartphone and to use it in a simple way with NFC technology.

When the passenger is on boarding procedure, he just needs to pass his smartphone close to the NFC reader to validate his boarding pass and to give usual boarding informations.

The application works even if the smartphone is in screen saver mode.

NFC vs QR Code

Faster and more convenient:

  • Don’t need to switch-on the smartphone
  • Don’t need to search the right mobile app
  • Don’t need to find the right boarding pass
  • Don’t need to increase the intensity of mobile screen light
  • Don’t need to find the perfect position with the smartphone and the QRCode reader


  • Improve the traffic flow
  • Simplify user experience
  • Set a sustainable solution

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