bike station

Rent a bike in 1 sec.

Digitalize bikesharing rental process.

Since 2015 June 11th in Bordeaux (France), VCUB subscribers can borrow a bike easily and faster than ever with their smartphone.


Bike renting process can last many minutes for new users and even for members. With one point of sales per station, a queue can appear and rents can be loose.

During maintenance process, all the bikes are blocked.

bike sharing mobile process

User experience

  1. Buy a ticket/card with the mobile app
  2. Find the nearest station with your app
  3. Go to bike station and select your bike
  4. Put the smartphone on the bike station to unlock my bike
  5. Take my bike and enjoy my journey


Effia Transport // Cykleo


  • Android native mobile app : See on Google Play Store
  • Geolocation
  • NFC // HCE (Hosted Card Emulation)
  • Embedded paiement / Warranty

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