Alzheimer – Stimulate the memory

Stimulating the memory of patients with Alzheimer’s disease with a playful mobile application.


C.A.L.M.A.N  program (Culture Art Leisure for people affected by Alzheimer disease in Nice) has for main objective to enable the access of cultural places to disable people. These places are now accessible for sicks people and their accompanists. 


Build an application able to stimulate the memory of disable patients in a playful way and to make the work of their caregiver.


  • Natives Android & iOS mobile applications
  • BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • Geolocation

User experience

e-Calman application has been supporting the program by setting up in the very center of the Promenade du Paillon. Three places have been equipped: Marechal Massena Statute, the water mirror and the whale of the child playground. 

Once nearby one of these places, the accompanist are receiving notifications on their non-connected tablets allowing them to access a quiz about surroundings subjects and to share it with their patients. 

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