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Stress measure with tablet and IOT

Prevent the risk of depression, burn-out or exhaustion, by using a 2-minute respiratory protocol 


Waiting for your next cardiologist appointment may entail many risks. From now on, with a tablet, a healthcare professional can measure your degree of chronic stress and possible physiological problems.

Our client is the company Codesna. 

The objectives of the solution are: 

  • Connecting and processing data transmitted in real time by Bluetooth IoT sensor
  • Presenting real time ECG (electrocardiogram) on a tablet 
  • Delivering a detailed report using algorithms and other analytics tools made by Codesna

“Our collaboration is sustainable over time”
See the testimonial of Vasile ZOICAS, Founder of CODESNA


  • Native Androif app on tablet 
  • Bluetooth
  • Internet of things 

User experience

On the wrist of his patient, a healthcare professional will place clips connected to a Bluetooth sensor. He will then take his Android tablet and launch the Physioner mobile application.

The tablet will automatically detect the sensor and propose to perform an analysis. 

For 2 minutes, the patient will follow the inspiration/expiration instructions and will be able to visualize in real time the variation of his heartbeat (ECG).

At the end of this 2 minutes, a detailed report will be presented immediately in order to measure the patient emotional and physiological balance. 

Results can then be transmitted to a doctor. 

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