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Stress measure with tablet and IOT

From a tablet, a healthcare professional can measure your degree of chronic stress and possible physiological problems, fast and without waiting for your next cardiologist appointment.

Our client is the startup Codesna.


Prevent the risk of depression, burn-out or exhaustion, by using a respiratory protocol with test during only 2 minutes.


Provide the mobile software solution for:

  • Connect and process data transmitted in real time by Bluetooth with IOT sensor
  • Present the ECG (electrocardiogram) in real time on a tablet
  • Deliver a detailed report using algorithms and other analysis tools made by Codesna


On the wrists of his patient, the healthcare professional places forceps connected to a Bluetooth sensor. Then he will take his Android tablet and launch the Physioner mobile application.

The tablet will automatically detect the sensor and propose to perform this analysis. During 2 minutes, the patient will follow the inspiration / expiration instructions and will see in real time the variations of his heartbeat (ECG).

At the end of these 2 minutes, a detailed report is presented in order to measure the physiological and emotional balance of the person. The results can then be sent to the doctor.


Codesna is now working with Sanofi and Snooze Studio.

In 2019, this startup was in CES Las Vegas to present his innovation.


  • Native Android app on tablet
  • Bluetooth
  • Internet of things

Read the testimonial (FR) of Vasile ZOICAS, CEO and founder, CODESNA.

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